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The Tutor Trust

Tutor Trust is a registered charity which aims to help tackle educational inequality in a unique way. Our mission is to 'transform lives through tutoring' by making sure every child who needs some additional academic support can access a great tutor.

We operate in three city regions – Greater Manchester, Leeds-Bradford and Merseyside – and recruit and train tutors, predominantly students and graduates from local universities, in the core subjects of Maths, English and Science. They deliver small group tutoring in state schools, with a focus on supporting disadvantaged young people and those on Pupil Premium. Our Tutoring Plus service offers more specialised, 1:1 support for Cared for Children, young people at risk of exclusion, persistent absentees and young people in alternative provision (AP) settings, with a whole child approach in which children receive both tutoring and additional support, such as counselling, from one of our partner charities.

Since 2012, our tuition has also been the subject of not one, but TWO, successful Education Endowment Foundation (EEF)-funded randomised control trials, making us unique in the UK education sector. The first (deleted 'of which'), in 2017, gave us gold standard evidence of the impact of 12 hours of tuition on learning (will add link if possible). We achieved strong results from our second randomised control trial (RCT), (will add link if possible) in June 2022. The trial proved the importance of the tutor-tutee relationship in improving attendance of the tutee at tutoring sessions.

Our tutors are paid competitive rates and receive extensive training and ongoing support, which guarantees they provide a professional service.

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  • Tutor Trust Impact Report 2021 (4.82 MiB)

    Our special 2021 10th anniversary Impact Report, published in November 2021, showcases the remarkable work our tutors, partnering with schools across Greater Manchester, Leeds-Bradford and Merseyside, have done to support pupils since we were founded.


The impact of tutoring

We regularly ask our school partners about our impact. In this video, Assistant Principal Paul Jennings of Corpus Christi Catholic College in Leeds talks about the difference tutoring has made in his school:

Impact video FINAL

Some of our key stakeholders talk about the impact of our tuition.