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Shared Lives Plus and the innovation in action partnership

Partnering for change

We’ve formed a partnership to showcase a range of community services that are based on people and communities’ strengths and unique identities.

We share common values that put people and communities at the centre of their own lives. It doesn’t take much to experience how frustrating it is to be stuck in a system, not treated as an individual and hampered by bureaucracy or outdated processes and services which are not person-centred. This is many people`s experience of social care.

There must be another way, right?

We want to work with you to build on the values that we all started out working in social care for – to make people’s lives better – for ourselves, our families and people we know.

Across our partnership, we’ve got examples of how we’ve worked with people like you and local authorities and importantly, people working in and drawing on your services, to show what is possible in local areas. During NCASC we will be sharing ideas and insights on how we can change care and support for the better, and practical advice on making this happen

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Meg's Story: How Shared Lives saved my life

This is Meg, who experienced a traumatic childhood with regular visits to hospital. While recovering during her final, lengthy stay, she stumbled across Shared Lives when looking online.

Meg's story encapsulates what is so special about shared living: personal, friendly relationships in loving family homes, receiving professional care and support.

Meg's journey is inspirational, heartwarming and life-changing. We hope it will inspire you...

We are so proud of you Meg, thank you for helping us tell your incredibly powerful story. #BetterShared