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Huggg provides local authorities, charities and voluntary organisations with an easy-to-use platform for disbursing funds quickly and easily to people in the community.

Used by local authorities and charities across the UK to disburse a wide range of funding types - including the Household Support Fund, Homes for Ukraine funding, winter allowances, fuel allowances and many emergency and discretionary funding schemes – Huggg is loved for its simplicity and effectiveness in delivering support to those who need it.

There are four main reasons why welfare providers are increasingly turning to Huggg:

Ease of use for staff - Huggg is intuitive to use, and requires minimum training. Huggg is designed to be easy for administrative staff, so that they can get funding out quickly and easily, with no stress or anguish.

Minimum wastage - Huggg is designed to make support funds stretch as far as they can go. Many disbursement solutions suffer from “leakage” – where the funds simply do not get spent, for one reason or another. Huggg protects against this wastage.

Dignity of the recipient - Huggg understands that nobody wants to be in a position where they are dependent on financial support. By delivering funding discreetly, by making it easy to access and by offering choice, Huggg helps to protect the recipient’s dignity.

No one left behind - Huggg gives welfare providers the tools they need to ensure everyone is supported, and no one is left behind. Huggg’s live reports show who has accessed their funding and who hasn’t, and gives you the information you need to provide further support where it is most needed.

Huggg is an approved supplier under the CCS framework, is ISO27001 accredited and is used by local authorities across the UK, and major charities such as the British Red Cross.

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