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Supporting those who care since 2004, FosterTalk is recognised as the ‘go to’ organisation for fostering advice, practical guidance and independent support for both Foster Cares and Fostering Services alike. FosterTalk’s team of social workers, foster carers and experts provide support for over 40,000 foster carers, special guardians, retired and pre-approval carers and local authority or independent fostering services staff. In addition to memberships, FosterTalk also provide expert Independent Allegations Support and market leading training for Foster Carers and fostering staff. FosterTalk delivers Fosterline, an independent support service on behalf of the Department for Education. Fosterline is free to access for all foster carers and those thinking of becoming foster carer in England.
As the voice of foster carers, FosterTalk campaigns on a number of issues faced by the sector and most notably, recently launched its Cost of Living Crisis report. A copy of the report can be viewed on FosterTalk's website

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  • Cost of Living Crisis report (801.05 KiB)

    This is one of the largest independent survey of foster carers to date with responses collated from 4,349 carers from across the United Kingdom. At the time of the survey (July 22), respondents cared for approximately 6,702 children. This represents around ten percent of all children currently living in foster care in the U.K. The survey included questions about foster carers’ finances and debt position as a direct result of the cost of living increase, as well as whether their fostering allowances were sufficient enough to provide adequate care for foster children. We asked about the impact of rising energy costs, mental health and wellbeing and whether foster carers will continue to foster without further financial support.

  • Organisational membership (3.33 MiB)

    FosterTalk provides membership to over 190 fostering services across the UK. Using our dedicated team of qualified and experienced advisers, we advise and support fostering service staff via our organisational membership, which includes helplines in a wide range of areas.

  • Journey 2 Fostering (2.38 MiB)

    Our market leading training course can help your applicants understand the realities and rewards of fostering and equip them with the essential carer skills and knowledge. .

  • Fosterline overview (612.75 KiB)

    Fosterline is a free, independent helpline to support those looking to become carers.


The FosterTalk Awards 2022

The annual FosterTalk awards celebrates foster cares, social workers, care leavers, fostering staff and supporters from across the U.K. Watch this year's awards and winners here.

Journey 2 Foster

Journey 2 Foster is the UK's leading training course for pre-approval Foster Carers, delivered by FosterTalk.