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IMPOWER Consulting

IMPOWER delivers better outcomes that cost less.

IMPOWER aims to put humanity at the heart of public service reform. By enabling public service leaders to grip the challenges of complexity, they supercharge their ability to improve lives and save money. IMPOWER helps public service leaders produce lasting, positive change in complex systems - the key to long-term financial sustainability.

EDGEWORK® is IMPOWERS’s unique transformational approach, enabling organisations to make the required mindset shift – towards a focus on outcomes and working across organisational and system boundaries – and provides the tools that make this easier.

IMPOWER’s passionate teams and decades of delivery experience equip it to tackle high stakes, complex challenges for local authorities through a mix of applied analytics, behavioural science, and primed performance.

IMPOWER operates in the following areas: Whole Council Transformation, Adult Social Care, High Needs and SEND, Climate Change, Children’s Social Care, Health and Social Care Interface, Housing and Homelessness.

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  • IMPOWER - High Needs Co-production Toolkit (2.89 MiB)

  • IMPOWER Valuing Care Report 2022 (1.8 MiB)

    We enable local authorities to improve the life chances of children in care by strengthening the links between children's needs, the outcomes being pursued, and the financial resources available.

  • ADASS & IMPOWER - The Age of Intermediate Care (1.22 MiB)

    A greater focus on Intermediate Care would improve outcomes for tens of thousands of people, spread investment more equally across the health and care sector, and save billions of pounds every year. Over the last year, the benefits of Intermediate Care have been proved beyond question – but fulfilling its potential going forward will require rapidly overcoming four key challenges related to culture and behaviours, operating model, workforce and funding.

  • Riding the Waves: Strengthening Council Resilience (741.56 KiB)

    'Personal’ resilience has become an increasingly popular topic as a collection of apps, courses, training, wellness articles and mindfulness approaches have flooded the market. The pandemic of course heightened this trend, and these resources have been crucial to help people to deal with the impact of restrictions and lockdowns. 'Organisational’ resilience however has not had the same level of focus, and this needs to change.