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Innovate Services

As a social work-led organisation, Innovate delivers proven solutions to Local Authority Children’s Services throughout the UK.

Working in collaboration, our evidence-based approach helps to identify and deliver efficiencies in children’s social work . As such, we have become a preferred accountable choice for Local Authorities and Trusts looking for a true partnership approach to support them along their journey of delivering sustainable change.

Our service solutions are:

  • Designed to meet your bespoke, individual service requirements, and are flexible enough to adapt to changing demands
  • Quality assured and overseen by highly experienced Senior Managers and Directors of Service
  • Delivered by experienced practitioners with significant expertise in their area of specialism
  • Insightful and collaborative. KPIs are set at the outset and regular reporting is provided to ensure transparency

Our comprehensive services include:

Early Help, MASH, Duty & Assessment, Children in Need, Safeguarding, High-Cost Placements (Discharge of Care, Reunification & SGO), Children with Disabilities, Positive Links (Edge of Care), Therapeutic Fostering, Life Story Work, Specialist Training and Auditing Services.

What our clients say:

“Innovate Services has contributed significantly to the operational stability within our service and the consistency of good quality services for children and their families. Having worked directly for local authorities, they absolutely understand the pressures and produce solutions that work.”
- Jane Anstis, Head of Service for Children’s Social Work and Permanence Service at Plymouth City Council

“Straight away, I could see Innovate CYPS’ difference. In their proposal, it was clear that a lot of time had gone into identifying our needs and that they would not just be placing social workers into posts. There were clear KPIs detailing exactly how frequently they would be visiting children, and when, with specific targets on assessment timescales, management oversight and Initial Visits. “In contrast to other partners we had approached who were simply saying ‘tell us what you need, and we’ll do it’, Innovate CYPS' approach was much more directive and social work led.” - Candice Boatswain, Head of Family Support Services at Milton Keynes Council

“We have worked in partnership with Innovate since 2020 to reduce the high-cost placement budget. We worked together to identify children with complex needs and collaborated to bring together partners and services to stabilise placements and prevent an escalation to a high-cost residential placement.
Through the partnership a cohort of children in high-cost residential placements were also supported to move successfully to foster care, in-house provisions and back to family. Our children benefitted from moving closer to home and to placements that supported better outcomes. The team worked to deliver good quality assessments and brought together statutory social work and multi-disciplinary support alongside Middlesbrough’s Edge of Care team and Family Group Conferencing service.” - Rachel Farnham, Head of Service, Middlesbrough Council

For more information: www.innovateservices.com

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