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f40 seeks fairness and equal opportunities in education for all children, regardless of where they live. It wishes to see all schools properly funded to enable them to provide a quality education that enables children and young people to reach their potential. The basic funding should be enough to run a school before extra money is added on for any additional needs specific to a school or its pupils.

Historically, education funding has been unfair in England for many years. While good progress has been made with the introduction of the National Funding Formula, there are still too many discrepancies locked into the system, with some schools still receiving far less per pupil than others.

Government has acknowledged the unfairness and is attempting to level up without reducing funding for the better funded schools, but it is a slow process to address the historic inequalities in funding. Many areas, especially large rural communities, still receive much less funding.

f40 also campaigns for major changes and additional funding for the High Needs sector, which is currently in crisis. The number of children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), and their complexity of need, continues to rise. This, coupled with more young people accessing support for longer (19-25), without sufficient funding, is putting great pressure on the system. Funding is also influenced by historic need, which is very different to the requirements of SEND today.

f40 believes local authorities and schools should receive enough revenue annually so they can deliver high quality services to all children with high needs, recognising the rising demand, increasing complexity of need, and wider implications from policy changes.

Additional funding should also be provided specifically to help local authorities settle the huge deficit budgets in high needs stemming from changes to the Code of Practice in 2014.

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