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Audit to Excellence

Audit to Excellence Transforming Practice Through Quality Bespoke Intervention

Audit to Excellence : 1. Is the Partner Of Choice For Children's & Early Help Services Aiming To Achieve Practice Improvement Through Audit Performance Programmes 2. Is Ofsted-Recognised In Terms Of Our Quality & Impact 3. Has A Proven Track Record In Achieving Results As well as offering bespoke tailored programmes of audit improvement intervention, Audit to Excellence also undertakes quality assurance audit training and development as well as the outsourcing of quality assurance and audit functions for its partners. Engagement
We tailor a programme of intervention according to the needs of the client. Programme Design We engage to understand the drivers of change, the plans which underpin them and the outcomes sought by the client. Bespoke team plans drive change. Collaborative Delivery Collaboratively, we deliver a programme of audit through profiling services and teams to benchmark and define progress. Review In partnership with the client we measure, analyse, review and report on progress and impact. Audit to Excellence as part of a commissioned programme of intervention will work with services from Early Help all the way through to Edge of Care, Leaving Care and beyond. What Makes Us Different? 1. We understand audit improvement 2. We know how to assess, analyse and engage services 3. We develop bespoke programmes 4. We are accountable and report to Directors 5. We build the improvement infrastructure & the skills to self-evaluate more effectively 6. We train, develop and upskill audit capacity for a lasting quality assurance legacy 7. We exit when outcomes are agreed as achieved

What Outcomes Are Achieved? Strong evidence base of current strengths and areas for development from audit and performance analysis

• Detailed suite of reporting to inform self-evaluation • Robust informed quality assurance processes • Improved learning practice development loop • Robust embedded sustainable audit programme


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