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Maldaba/Tech in Care

Maldaba works with public sector bodies and not-for-profit organisations to deliver innovative solutions to complex problems. Since 2002, they have applied their expertise in strategic design, research and product development to deliver award-winning solutions, which are both scalable and offer measurable benefits in terms of digital transformation.

Tech in Care was formed in 2021, initially as the product owner for the digital D2A platform Hospital to Home. With a recent funding award from the UKRI Health Ageing Challenge, Tech in Care is now moving into the extension of Hospital to Home into Intermediate Care and tackling the wider challenge of Interoperability. Tech in Care work in partnership with Maldaba, who are their technical supplier.

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  • Local Government Association (LGA) Digital Discharge to Assess Case Study (148.47 KiB)

    The aims of the SCDIA Digital Discharge to Assess project were to develop a cloud-based case management system that did not depend on a single IT partner or supplier; allow users (with appropriate permissions) to capture, update, track, and report on data about a person’s journey through the Discharge to Assess process; create a ‘single version of the truth’, with a raft of associated patient benefits and service efficiencies.

  • Hospital to Home Headlines (545.07 KiB)

    Hospital to Home offers case management and tracking functionality, allowing users from multiple organisations to create, update and track D2A cases through an open, human driven workflow. The platform supports the D2A process from the point at which a person is identified on the ward as requiring support on discharge, through to the point that the person receives an assessment on their longer term needs within a community setting.

  • Hospital to Home Procurement Benefits Summary (289.8 KiB)

    Hospital to Home is the only platform of its kind in the marketplace. A cloud-based case management system which allows users (with appropriate permissions) to capture, update, track and report on information about a person’s journey through the Discharge to Assess process. Hospital to Home facilitates more efficient communication, collaboration and data sharing between the different organisations involved in the D2A process, whilst enabling effective handoffs between the various touch points in the discharge process.

  • Hospital to Home Reporting Features (50.45 KiB)

    The reporting feature in Hospital to Home provides one set of data shared by all. Not only helping with forward planning especially during winter pressures but allowing all users to see what as happened and what needs to happen.


Hospital to Home - How digital is revolutionising Discharge to Assess

Listen to N. Lincs Council along with London Borough of Sutton discuss the challenges faced in D2A and the solution that the digital D2A platform Hospital to Home (H2H) brought to them