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OLM Systems

OLM – a tech company with heart, purpose and true social value

We are OLM, and we are more than just a tech company, we are a people and ideas business. For over 3o years, together with you, we have been innovating and growing with a single mission of making a positive difference to the people in your care and your employees. Thanks to you and our unique and fruitful partnerships, we have created ECLIPSE, a person-centred Cloud Native software solution for Social Care that mirrors and evolves with your practice.

~ The people you serve and your teams (social workers, project managers, data and tech people) are the main inspiration for our technology solutions.

~ More time for people, not computers and records, is what collaboration with you has taught us, and we made it the pivot on which ECLIPSE resolves.

~ Your best social work practices drive our models that deliver better outcomes through a focus on empathy and engagement.

Since 1991 we have never relied on venture capital and re-invested our profits to fuel non-stop innovation, creativity and development. That’s why we have always been able to be there for you, supporting you through thick and thin, and empowering you and your teams to make a positive difference for the most vulnerable.

We are OLM, your time-tested reliable partner, backing up your hard work towards a better Social Care Future.

Join us at stand C14 or visit us online at https://www.olmsystems.com

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Olga Pak +440208 973 1199 Visit Website


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At OLM, our mission is to help you make a positive difference in the lives of people in your care. We do so by working in close partnership with your teams and applying over 3o years of our experience and expertise in social care, software and services to support you succeed in fulfilling the potential of the individuals and communities you serve.